Bracken Paving is a successful, progressive paving company located in Upper East Tennessee that is dedicated to exceeding our customer's expectations while providing professional quality service. Our company started with one dump truck in 1991 and has now grown to employ over 30 people.

Alan Bracken was born in October of 1971 in South Carolina to a family devoted to loving and serving God. The Bracken family moved to Tennessee when Alan was seven years old. They lived on a farm where hard work and long hours were a part of every day life. When Alan and his brother, Michael, were not in school, they were busy entertaining themselves with outdoor adventures, like chasing goats, riding horses, and capturing raccoons instead of video games and TV. This started Alan on the road to a strong work ethic and the ability to think outside the box. Alan spent his early years in a Christian school and graduated in 1989. Upon graduation, although unsure of the direction God had for his vocation, he was certain that hands-on hard work was to be part of his livelihood. Alan started paving as a summer job with a local company and found that he had a natural ability to get a job done efficiently and effectively. This motivated him to venture out into the paving industry for himself. With the help of a generous and trusting friend, he was able to buy his first dump truck. This not only taught him the importance of generosity and friendship, but the value of believing in others. Thus, in the footsteps of Alan's father and grandfather, begins the journey of entrepreneurship.

From the beginning, it was important to Alan that his company, Bracken Paving, stood for honesty and quality. He chose to make the most of hard lessons and mistakes, knowing that it could only make him and his company better. The greatest joy in the company for Alan has been the satisfaction of being able to give generously towards causes that have eternal purpose.

1997 was a defining year for Alan. At that point, he knew his passion was for business, but was seeking direction for his personal life. God began to show him clearly the path he was to take and who he was to share his life with. Alan married Amanda in August of this same year. This opened a new door for him to begin understanding the importance of developing relationships and communication. Alan and Amanda welcomed a baby girl, Addison Sidney, into their family in December 2000 and a son, Hunter Jackson, in August of 2002.

Another defining moment for Alan happened in 2001, when he was introduced to John Maxwell's leadership principles and the Catalyst Conference. This changed his entire perspective on leadership. From that point on, Alan has not only determined to develop himself as an effective leader, but to develop others in the same way.

Alan continues to find ways to learn, to grow, to experience and to share leadership principles that will not only change the way he does business, but change the lives around him in a positive and Christ-like manner.

As always, Bracken is here for you and no residential or commercial asphalt project is too big or too small.
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