Preparation/Cleaning of Your Asphalt Driveway

In order for sealer to adhere and perform its best the asphalt must be properly prepared by a process of cleaning and repairing any damage to the asphalt. Bracken Asphalt has a strict standard for cleaning and preparing a driveway before sealer is applied, which allows us to be confident in the wear of our product.

At Bracken Asphalt, we will clean your asphalt with a blower and steel brush to assure the maximum performance of the sealer. We will also weed eat the edges to assure a clean crisp look and to allow for sealing all the way to the edge of the asphalt.

If for any reason your asphalt needs further cleaning with a pressure washer, shovel, or automated brushing system there will be an additional charge that your sales/ customer service representative will be happy to explain to you.

Application of Asphalt Sealer

After your parking area / driveway has been properly cleaned and the necessary crack fill has been applied we will apply a coal-tar sealer.

We use "GemSeal" sealer which is warranted to meet or exceed all requirements of ASTM D5727 specifications and then we add sand and latex, which extends its wearability.

We will trim all the edges of your driveway with a brush to assure a neat job and spray the surface with a spray unit which produces an even application over the entire drive.

Proper Care for Your Asphalt Driveway

After your driveway is sealed you should stay off it for 24 to 48 hours to allow the sealer to properly cure.

Although seal-coating protects against gas and oil seepage we recommend you clean spills as soon as possible after the occurrence. To clean your driveway use a hose and mild detergent.

Protect your driveway from harsh chemicals used in car care such as tire cleaners, tar remover, tire blackener etc. such chemicals will cause a reaction with the sealer causing it to have a cloudy appearance.

Do not turn the steering wheel of a stationary vehicle on your driveway, as the tire will cause a scuff mark on the asphalt and repeated scuffing in one area will damage the sealer and the asphalt.

As always, Bracken is here for you and no residential or commercial asphalt project is too big or too small.
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