Bracken Asphalt offers state-of-the-art asphalt repair through the infrared process. Infrared is a relatively new technique of seamless repair for alligator cracking, pothole repair and utility-cuts. With infrared repair, the area to be repaired is heated until the asphalt is soft, then it is loosened with a rake and fresh asphalt is applied, as well as an asphalt rejuvenator, which reintroduces the original chemical composition into the repaired area. The repaired area is then raked level with the existing asphalt. The repair is now ready for compaction. Using a steel vibratory roller the edge is "heat welded" leaving a seamless repair and the entire area is rolled leaving the asphalt as good as it was originally. Infrared doesn't leave a cutout seam, which allows water to re-enter the repair starting the cycle of failure over, which makes infrared repair a better option for certain types of repair work. Where there is base failure the traditional cut-out repair is the better option, because it allows for the base to be examined and repaired.

As always, Bracken is here for you and no residential or commercial asphalt project is too big or too small.
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